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Star Inn

Address: Wych Hill, Hook Heath, Woking, Surrey GU22 0EU
Telephone: 01483 889111

** Pub now closed – surrounded by metal fence **

Spacious pub in the Hook Heath area of Woking.

The Star Inn has been through some ups and downs in the 10 years since I first knew it. Geographically it’s one of the nearest pubs to where I live but my recent visit was the first for at least 5 years. I have to say it’s improved considerably since the late noughties but still isn’t a pub I’d rush to.

The Star is an open plan pub with a bar along the left hand side and seating areas around it. It’s been refurbed to a modern wooden style with leather furniture in some areas. The old tile fireplace has been retained though. Out the back and to the side of the pub there is a garden including a children’s climbing frame.

There are two hand pumps on the bar and Sharp’s Doom Bar seems to be consistently available. Marstons Pedigree is sometimes available as the other beer and has tasted well kept in the past even though apparently everyone else in the pub was drinking lager. The beer quality can vary.

Food is available but I’ve not eaten here recently.

There are music events at the Star Inn – I’m told the details are on Facebook (although I struggle to find their page – anyone help on that?). Accomodation is no longer available.

Last visited: May 2012

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 2 stars out of 5

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10 Responses to “Star Inn”

  1. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks for that er pgl.

  2. Knight says:

    Bloody awful pub with awful staff that use fowl language and are rude to customers. Toilets were filthy, the floors were sticky and hadn’t been washed the beer was warm. i would never recommend this pub to anyone…

  3. Tom Cody says:

    A horrible pub with a rude landlord and a foul mouthed insulting son who just stares at customers in a very intimidating way, the service was poor with flat beer and dirty glasses. The pub is generally dirty and very unwelcoming.
    The landlord, if that is what he is ,certainly needs to be trained in customer service and how to run a pub properly, he clearly is not up with new licencing laws or health and hygene law. He should keep his rude idiotic family well away from any aspect of the pub at all times.
    I have never had such a horrible experience in any pub in my life, and if Punch Taverns want their pubs to be run this way they will soon go out of business, as i hope this pub will.
    This is one pub to never go to , thouroughly NOT recommended a complete disgrace !

  4. Nicole says:

    Been here a few times, after reading the recent reviews I was a bit hesitant. But a new manager took over a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be doing well. Friendly, good food and I stayed the night, I was out early in the morning and asked if I could have breakfast at 7am, they were more than happy to help. I was impressed so good luck to the new manager

  5. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks for the comment Nicole. I might try it again some time soon as I’d kind of given up on The Star.

  6. Traveller says:

    Popped in to this pub recently whilst in the area. Looked like it had just been refurbished (to a high standard I might add). Speaking to the manager and indeed it just had been refurbished and under new management too. The pub was very clean, tidy and presentable. The pint of Doom Bar I had was the correct temperature. A lovely pint. Looking at the previous reviews it seems this pub has had a rough time over the years. Looking at the pub now you wouldn’t have thought so. Recommended.

  7. Robert says:

    New manager is just as bad as the last one, just as rude, not worth a visit

  8. paul incher says:

    We have using the Star for years, only on a Sat evenings.(after we finish footie.)
    The new managment are what the pub has needed for years. They know how to run a pub propley
    Good beer, good food and good staff. Its a shame that previous managers did’nt care, and the new team have to work hard to make it worth a visit.

  9. The Beeralist says:

    It’s good to hear that someone thinks the Star is on the up. The area needs a good pub.

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