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Mayford Arms

Address: Guildford Rd, Woking, Surrey GU22 9QT
Telephone: 01483 228926

Large and thriving ‘road-pub’ style pub in Mayford, just south of Woking.

Mayford Arms, Mayford, Woking

Mayford Arms, Mayford, Woking

Once inside the the Mayford Arms, the bar runs left to right across the middle of the pub. The main seating area is in front of the bar with a  large dining orientated area to the left. There is a pool table in an area at the right hand end of the bar.

The Mayford Arms makes no attempt to hide its Greene King parentage and the three hand pumps on the bar reflect that – with no guests. On my last visit the choices were GK IPA, Old Speckled Hen and a rather delicious Old Golden Hen – the first time I’d had that beer on draught.

My Sunday lunchtime visit saw the pub very busy – with drinkers and diners.

The bar at the Mayford Arms, Mayford, Woking

The bar at the Mayford Arms, Mayford, Woking

Food is available until 9pm every day but I’ve not eaten here.

The Mayford Arms has a real community feel and a number of clubs hold their regular meetings in the pub. Poker evenings have recently started – every Tuesday night.

Behind the pub there is a large garden. Apparently children’s play equipment will be arriving in time for summer 2013.

Last visited: April 2013

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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One Response to “Mayford Arms”

  1. k pollard says:

    Recently my son who has a bowl disorder needed the toilet urgently, as we were near the pub he nipped in to use the facilities and explained very quickly as he was rushing through why he was in such a hurry.
    On leaving he was verbally abused about him using the facilities he tried to explain his condition and even was willing to produce evidence of his condition his was greeted by more verbal abuse.
    People need to realise that not all disabilities can be seen

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