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Brookwood is a small village close to Knaphill and a couple of miles west of Woking. It exists in a thin strip – hemmed in by the Basingstoke Canal to the north and the railway to the south.

South of the railway is the famous Brookwood Cemetery – initially one of the Victorian London overflow cemeteries. In fact the cemetery used to have its own small branch line railway which diverged from the mainline at Brookwood station. Funeral trains to Brookwood used to operate from the London Necropolis station just outside the current Waterloo train station in London.

Getting to Brookwood

Brookwood station is the first stop west of Woking on the South West Trains line to Basingstoke and beyond.

There are also local bus routes which connect Brookwood with Woking and Guildford.

Brookwood Pubs

Hunters Lodge

Hunters Lodge - full review

Bagshot Road, Brookwood, Surrey GU21 2RP
Tel: 01483 474602
Large Vintage Inns pub between Brookwood and Knaphill. Since the demise of the Brookwood Hotel to vitally needed office space the Hunters Lodge is now the only pub in Brookwood. The pub is set back from the busy Bagshot Road and there is a ... Read full review of Hunters Lodge

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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