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William Morris

Address: 2-4 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 0QA
Telephone: 020 8741 7175

William Morris, King Street, Hammersmith

William Morris, King Street, Hammersmith

The William Morris is a Lloyd’s No 1 (Wetherspoon’s) pub at the eastern end of King Street just opposite Hammersmith Broadway and the tube station.

This pub has unfortunately never been to my taste although it is extremely popular – especially the seats in Lyric Square on sunny afternoons.

The real ale selection is very average and I didn’t even stop for a drink on my last visit as only Ruddles Bitter and Grene King Abbot were available. But it is cheap.

It’s not every day that you see a baby sitting on the bar of a pub!

My recommendation is to visit the vastly improved Swan next door instead.

Last visited: June 2010

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 1 stars out of 5

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2 Responses to “William Morris”

  1. Chris Martin says:

    Having arranged to meet up with a friend in Hammersmith that evening I found myself there slightly early so decided to have a quick pint in the nearest pub while I waited. What a mistake I made wandering into the William Morris! The staff were rushed off their feet at 8pm on a Thursday with the influx of pensioners and what I believed to be students, huddled in a booth seemingly sharing 1/2 pint of cola and passing a can of Carling underneath the table between them. There was a odd smell in one corner of the bar which could be contributed to the sweaty looking trainee manager who was desperately trying to restack the depleted glass rack with steaming hot pint glasses. The bar top seems to be made of a glossy imitation plastic, that the staff are constantly trying to wipe off the spillages with cloths that look not to have been changed all day On receiving my (now semi warm) pint of lager in one of these hot glasses it cracked down side. I was able to get another one straight away which was served in you guessed it another hot pint glass. The clientele apart from the happily drunk pensioners leaving their wee puddles on the seats and students/suspected underage drinkers being great entertainment to watch with their cans of lager, seemed slightly hostile toward each other and for more than one occasion I felt I was being “sized up”. Another mistake I made was going to the toilet, the smoking ban law supposedly came into force years ago but you wouldn’t think it given the stink in the air worse than a school toilet and the cigarette burns on the plastic toilet roll holders. Luckily my friend arrived and we went for a drink across the road.

  2. Chris Martin says:

    That was a far far better experience than I had this summer, when a drug dealer offered to sell me cocaine (not 5 feet away from the bar) When I refused he threatened not to tell the bar staff about him or else!
    What a hole…

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