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Masque Haunt

Address: 168-172 Old Street, London EC1V 9BP
Telephone: 020 7251 4195

Spacious Wetherspoon’s pub in Old Street close to Old Street tube station and roundabout.

The decor inside is much as you’d expect from an older style ‘Spoons – decorative carpet, wooden panneling, green ceiling.

The beer selection was a bit more mainstream than some Wetherspoon’s pubs but there were a couple of interesting choices and the Maxim Swedish Blonde I tasted on my last visit was well kept, but sometimes the beers do taste a bit tired.

Food at the Masque Haunt is from the standard ‘Spoons menu but I’ve not eaten here.

I’m glad that the awful smell in this pub (as mentioned in my initial review) has been banished. I’d now say that this is not a bad Wetherspoons pub.

The ‘Spoons prices may be cheap but for a better drinking experience try the Old Fountain or Artillery Arms – both close by.


Last visited: July 2014

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

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One Response to “Masque Haunt”

  1. Sam A says:

    I went to the Masque Haunt and I have to say it was dire. This was not just because it was Mother’s Day and busy but the staff were awful, in particular one girl who put the “Cuss” into “Customer Service”. I asked for a double Barcardi and Coke after waiting an eternity for it, it tasted of Amaretto. I queried this and was told that this was the Pepsi in it as they did not serve Coke!. I asked the “helpful” bar girl if she was sure it was Barcardi and she said ” Well when I poured it it said Barcardi on the bottle. I asked for a manager and a young chap came over, I told him the score and asked him to taste the drink. He agreed it was Amaretto and explained that the girl had not cleaned out the spirit measure when she’d poured it. He changed it but the damage was done. Tepid beer too. Avoid this like the plague and don’t start me on the lukewarm over done food. Wetherspoons? More like Never spoons!

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