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Penderels Oak

Address: 283-288 High Holborn, London WC1V 7HS
Telephone: 020 7242 5669

Penderels Oak, Holborn

Penderels Oak, Holborn

Enormous Wetherspoon’s pub close to Chancery Lane tube station.

As you enter the pub the low ceiling makes the place initially seem quite intimate but you soon realise just how vast the floorspace is. And then you experience it all over again in the equally large cellar bar downstairs.

The Penderels Oak is popular – especially at lunchtimes and straight after work. Despite its size seats can be hard to come by at certain times.

Usually there are plenty of staff on the bar so the wait to get served isn’t too bad – even at busy times.

The decor is attractive – with wooden panelling and well populated bookshelves down one wall. Some of the seating areas are slightly screened off so you can feel you’re in your own area despite the floor area.

Inside the Penderels Oak, Holborn

Inside the Penderels Oak, Holborn

The Penderels Oak has a good selection of real ales and they usually taste well-kept.

Food is standard Wetherspoon’s selection but it’s a while since I last ate here.

There’s a lot of competition from other good pubs in this area (eg nearby Melton Mowbray and Castle) but this Wetherspoon’s has a good vibe and of course the ‘Spoons prices are more reasonable than some other pubs.

Last visited: November 2011

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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One Response to “Penderels Oak”

  1. stuart says:

    Called in this pub by chance after walking round central London for an hour or two on tourism duties. It seemed like a very pleasant place to sit down and have a drink. I would therefore recommend it as one of Spoons better efforts. Being from ‘The North’ I thought £2.99 a pint was a bit high for Jdw but was happy to put the 1p change in the little RNLi collection box!

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