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Odd Wheel

Address: Knighton Road, Wembury, Devon, PL9 0JD
Telephone: 01752 863052

The Odd Wheel, Wembury, Devon

The Odd Wheel pub is situated at the northern end of the coastal village of Wembury in South Devon near Plymouth. The pub was reopened in late July 2010 after being closed since the previous autumn.

Inside the Odd Wheel at Wembury in DevonBefore it reopened it was given a major refurbishment and the quirky 70s decor has been replaced with a more modern feel. There are still two separate bars – one is more pubby with a pool table, the other larger bar is definitely more of a restaurant area. That said, it is possible to just drink in the larger bar but expect to see many tables reserved. In fact if you want to eat here it’s a very good idea to reserve a table as the pub is very popular – especially during the summer months with people holidaying in the area. That said, the pub is well used by people who live in the area too.

The food menu is not extensive, but the quality and value of the dishes offered is very good. I had a delicious sirloin steak that tasted great and would have been a lot more expensive in many other pubs. Food is available lunchtimes and in the evening up until 9pm I believe.

The rear of the Odd Wheel at Wembury showing the decked seating area.Real ales are available and they appear to be kept well. The selection on my last visits included I.K.B. from the local Summerskills Brewery, Sharp’s Doom Bar, Skinners Cornish Knocker, Dartmoor Brewery Jail Ale, South Hams XSB and Courage Best – all served by hand pumps as opposed to the gravity dispense that used to be the norm. A great selection and all the ones I tasted were superb.

There’s no garden at the Odd Wheel but a decked outside seating area was added during the refurb along with a children’s play area – it’s a good sunny spot late in the afternoon. Children are welcome inside the pub – as long as they are well-behaved.

Last visited: August 2012

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 4 stars out of 5

25 Responses to “Odd Wheel”

  1. DB says:

    Yes, its been closed since November last year. The rumour is that it will be re-opened in June 2010.

  2. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks for the comment DB – I hope that happens.

  3. Anita Watson says:

    Pub now open and its fantastic! Clean and modern and great food!

  4. The Beeralist says:

    Yes Anita the food is good isn’t it.

  5. Ann Blake says:

    The Telephone number is wrong on this Web Page.
    The correct number is 01752 863052.
    It has been a jaunt to get a table booked for a Family Gathering.

  6. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks Ann for pointing that out – telephone number updated in the pub review. How was your gathering?

  7. Bob Smith says:

    I was in there last week a really excellent pub with great value food,outstanding beer and really friendly staff
    . It makes me wish that I did not live 270 miles from it

  8. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks for the update Bob – I’m glad to hear that it’s still good. I’m heading down that way again in August, but I don’t live as far from it as you do – just the 200 miles…

  9. ron says:

    if youre in the area visit the foxhound in Brixton.The food is fantastic and the beer is amazing,I will comment on odd wheel next week after i have made a visit(its a 300 mile trip for me)

  10. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks for the tip Ron. Wembury is a long way from where I live so I don’t get down there very often. I’ll be there in August again though so I’ll try out the Foxhound in Brixton if I can.

  11. Jo says:

    A really nice pub, food was great, excellent service would happily go back again and recommend to friends.

  12. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks Jo. Good to hear the Odd Wheel is still good. I shall be going there in August whilst on holiday in the Wembury area.

    Does anyone know what’s happening at the Mussell Inn in Down Thomas? Is it still open?

  13. Steve says:

    The Mussell Inn is again open for business. New owners since Aprill 2011. The burgers and the crab baguettes are a must try but I have yet to have anything but excellent food. Not a great beer drinker but somebody who knows tells me a nice variety and well kept. The waiting staff are young and still gaining experience so I have experienced mistakes and delays. I am sure that will all come right in the fullness of time. Definitly worth a visit.

  14. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks Steve. That’s useful to know as I’ll be down in the Wembury area in a couple of weeks.

  15. Norma Dench says:

    I have been visiting Wembury since 1942 and still have cousins living in the village. I remember the pub when it was called the Jubilee. I visited prior to the refurb. and run but a lovely lady from Croatia, but I know my cousins still visit regularly and speak very highly of the new owners and the food. So I do hope to get back there soon from London.

  16. graham french says:

    Yes the interior is well decorated had a meal recently on saturday evening. Very dissapointed in the cooking of the food that was presented at first the sevice was not good being the lack of training not the waiters fault. My meal was well over cooked and so was the wifes when i made a polite complaint it went no further than that. Looking around others meals being brought out they all seemed to be the same dry and over done the chips were not fresh potato but more like the oven chips you buy in a supermarket. Have not been for a pub meal for a very long time but now i still understand why these places are changing hands and pubs are closing. We would have been better off going to Macdonalds. The british public are afraid to complain but i say we should complain more for our hard earnt money in this recession. Will not be going back again, its back to the supermarket beer and wine shelves and a take away.

  17. Chris Colmer says:

    Dear Graham
    Sorry to hear that you and your wife had such a bad experience in the pub and am sorry that your complaint was not dealt with. I am astounded that you fely the waiter had not been trained as all my staff have had good training and i will be looking back to find out who the waiter and the chef were if you could let me know the date you visited the pub.

  18. sally says:

    This pub is fantastic, the staff, the beer, the food and the decor are all brilliant. I would highly recommend this pub to family and friends. Very happy customer.

  19. george bentley says:

    Since the pub re opened we have been on many occasions and have found the food ,beer and service to be first class. Being local we appreciate having such a good amenity in the village.

  20. Jo O says:

    Lovely friendly pub with a good selection of drinks including real ales and one of the few pubs to offer a selection of good quality ciders as well as the usual mainstream ones! Wood burning stove in the main bar with lovely comfy sofas. Large decked gardens at the rear with a separate kids play area. Great food too! Just all round a lovely, well run pub!

  21. Squeezymc says:

    Four of us visited The Odd Wheel on 5th Jan 2012 to celebrate my birthday and my twin brother’s birthday. The reception we had was welcomining, nothing was rushed and we felt that the evening would be a success. Every dish we had was perfect from the starters to the sweets. Even the bottle of wine was smooth and delicious. I would certainly go there again.

  22. Squeezymc says:

    We visited the Odd Wheel pub to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary on 3rd April 2012.We were lucky, it was PIE NIGHT!
    We were seated at a “romantic” candlelit table and were very well looked after by the waiter and bar staff. The Doombar was excellent. There were 4 huge pies to choose from, fish, vegetable, chicken and steak and ale.They were all delicious! To end a perfect night out a neighbour from across our road treated us to viennese coffes.
    We shall certainly visit the Odd Wheel again.

  23. captaincaveman says:

    The odd wheel have a new website http://www.theoddwheel.co.uk check it out for info about the pub and whats going on

  24. Julie Crimmins-Crocker says:

    Hi to Norma Dench
    We a lovely visit to the Odd Wheel this year on a trip from NZ and sent a postcard of the Inn to my husband’s uncle in NZ
    I was just checking to see if the Jubilee Inn was now The Odd Wheel, because my husband’s Uncle Peter Woolf now 86 yrs old (and his siblings Jo and Dave) lived in the village in the 1940’s. Their parents Ernest and May Woolf ran the store there before they emigrated to NZ in 1948. He remembered the Jubilee Inn when he saw the picture of the Odd Wheel and he may remember you and your cousins too – I will ask him
    We will be back again on our next visit..

  25. JANICE says:

    We have visited the odd wheel three times since it was refurbished the first time my son and my
    husband shared a portion of chips even though they came with each meal next time we shared about six potatoes between us the third time i had a pasta meal which should of been served with garlec bread we waited so long for it i think they forgot the bread so did i.

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