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Passage House

Address: Ferry Road, Topsham, Devon, EX3 0JN
Telephone: 01392 873653

Photo of the Passage House, Topsham, Devon

The Passage House, Topsham, Devon

Cosy pub hidden on the small streets down by the river – near the ferry.

There is a large emphasis on food here with a wide menu, and including many fresh fish specials. I’ve had the skate wing which was gorgeous and the roasts are good too.

Other reviewers have said the service can be a bit slow, but it’s been fine all the times I’ve been here.

The beer is usually well kept – Otter Best, London Pride are regulars apparently.

Last visited: September 2018

Good Beer, Good Pubs rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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3 Responses to “Passage House”

  1. d s says:

    i don’t know when the reviewer visited this pub but it has been going steadily downhill for years.

    Last time I ate there I was served roast beef that I couldn’t cut through or chew through and the roast potatoes were burnt black and tasted of bitter, burnt vegetable oil. The chef blamed the meat on the supplier and told me he had cooked the rubbery yorkshires “fresh the day before”. He offered no explanation for the potatoes.

    The service was non existent and the beer was watery, poorly kept and served by a man-child who clearly didn’t know what beer should be like or care that my £4 pint was dishwater.

  2. The Beeralist says:

    Hello d s, The Passage House in Topsham is not near where I live but I do visit occasionally – usually about once a year when I’m staying in the area.

    Your experience does not sound good at all and I’m glad you took the issues up with the pub staff whilst you were there.

    My last visit was early on a Thursday evening in June 2012 and our experience was very different from yours. The pub was quite busy and luckily we had booked a table. The food was very good and we found the staff were attentive. In the past I’ve had some issues with the quality of the beer at the Passage House but this time the two pints I had tasted very good.

  3. d s says:

    I’m glad you had a better time than I did. I have a lot of reasons to be positive about the passage as I live so close and love to go there for a drink and enjoy the company and the view, but the food and service has declined dramatically and the sunday lunch we had was sent back and nothing offered in exchange, although we weren’t charged for the food.

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