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Pub Reviews

A pint and a notebook

A pint and a notebook

Pub reviews are being added all the time as I write new ones and copy all the other reviews over from my old site.

How the reviews are organised

The reviews are all grouped by county, or by area for the London pubs. So far the site has reviews for the following counties/areas:

5 Responses to “Pub Reviews”

  1. Edward Richardson says:

    May I submit a review for the Coach and Horses, London Road, Isleworth. Superb place, very foodey but defiantly feels like a pub.

    This pub surpasses any other in West and South-West London. I have used the Coach and Horses now both socially and for business meetings and entertainment. The location is fantastic, close to Syon Park and the river, but with easy access from the A4, A3 and North Circular. with a large, secure car park. The quality of food and service clearly is being driven-up passionately and professionally by the new management team.
    The standards and care that are evident in the customer experience surpass other Young’s establishments, and certainly anything in the area. We have started to use the Coach and Horses as an informal venue for business meetings as it has proved such a welcome alternative to LHR hotels, particularly as the parking is plentiful and free.
    It’s been a real bonus to be able to take overseas visitors out of the sterile environment of an airport hotel, and entertain them in a traditional pub environment. Americans in particular would love this, but I don’t think that the quality of fod and service would disappoint the French either! We’ve found that the layout of the pub is such that even when busy there are tables where business meetings can be held in confidence, and that the culture is conducive to holding quiet conversations.

  2. The Guvnor says:

    How do you submit reviews?

    I used to do these on a pro basis and could help cover a vast area of the country beyond the west of our Isle.

  3. The Beeralist says:

    It’s my intention at some point to open up the site to allow other people to submit reviews. But I run the site as a hobby and I have little time to sort that out at the moment. I’m certainly interested in your reviews – and those of others too.

  4. Hi Beeralist (like the name)

    Have just subscribed to your site and I notice we don’t have any reviews for Essex pubs yet.

    Could you review The Oak pub in Tiptree village where they make the jam for the queen), or do we send you something in?

  5. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks for your comment. This site is something I do as a hobby and currently only features pubs that I’ve been to and have reviewed myself. I’m hoping to open up the site to external reviews in the future but that’s a long-term project. Good luck.

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