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Beer Festivals

Picture of the Pembury Tavern, Hackney - a beer festival

Beer Festival at the Pembury Tavern, Hackney
The Pembury Tavern holds three beer festivals each year when the already large selection of beers is swelled by the addition of a couple more racks of casks.

The pages in this section list all the upcoming beer festivals that I know about. I’ve gleaned the information from a variety of sources – Twitter, CAMRA, emails and trade papers.

Beer Festival Links

Have I Missed Any?

If you know of a beer festival that’s not listed here perhaps you could let me know using the Add a Beer Festival page and I’ll include it for everyone’s benefit. Just make a comment on this page or tweet me at @goodbeergoodpub. The date, location and link to a website (if there is one) would be useful but feel free to tell us more.

Volunteering at a Beer Festival

Organising and running a beer festival can be a substantial amount of work. Understanding how much beer to order and making sure it arrives at the right time to the right place are not easy tasks. Setting up the cask racks and the serving counters can take a while too.

Once the festival is underway many festivals need staff to work on the bars. You don’t always need to have experience to do this – although there’s usually a bit of training involved, and it can be great fun. And helpers may be rewarded by a couple of free drinks or reduced price tickets for another session.

Of course, after the festival closes there is the task of dismantling the racks etc, removing the casks and returning the venue to its usual state.

All these jobs require bodies so if you fancy getting involved in a local beer festival why not contact the organisers and ask if they need help. Often they’ll be really grateful for your interest.

3 Responses to “Beer Festivals”

  1. Kay says:


    I’ve a classic rock band and duo, who are looking for dates and festivals to play in the East Midlands area. If you have any upcoming festivals that need entertainment and you’d be interested, please drop me a line for more information.

    Many thanks

    Kay Moore

  2. The Beeralist says:

    Hello Kay, I don’t run any events myself but can I suggest you approach your local CAMRA branch and offer your services to them. They’ll be organising the odd beer festival themselves but also will know of others in the area. Good luck.

  3. Clare Tasker says:

    Hi Kay – I am a volunteer/member of Mansfield & Ashfield CAMRA, we have groups booked for our November fest, but always on the look out for new groups. You can find me via Mansfield & Ashfield CAMRA Facebook page, or tweet me @ClareTasker

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