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The Speaker, Westminster – Summer Ales and Stouts (2013)

Published: Jun 17th, 2013 | Author: The Beeralist

Dennis at The Speaker in Westminster has sent me his listing for his specials for the remainder of June and into July 2013.

Don’t expect theme to be all on at once as he only has two pumps available for his specials. Contact the pub directly (020 7222 1749) if you need to know what’s on today.

  • Summer Daze (4.7%) Arundel (W. Sussex) – Amber coloured premium beer with a soft, bitter finish.
  • Midsummer Ale (3.5%) B&T (Bedfordshire) – No tasting notes available.
  • Sunstar (4.3%) Buntingford (Hertfordshire) – A deep golden summer ale, brewed with Mild Ale Malt.
  • Tempest (5.2%) Cross Bay (Lancashire) – No tasting notes available.
  • Summer Solstice (4.2%) Dark Star (W. Sussex) – Brewed with 100% pale ale malt to produce a very clean taste and a bright golden colour.
  • Yachtsman (4.7%) Dorset – This pale-golden beer has a complex aroma of fruit, honey and vanilla. Its predominantly hoppy, slightly citrus flavour leads to a refreshing finish.
  • The Hound of Music (4.4%) Elgood’s (Cambridgeshire) – Golden ale made with Fuggles, Challenger and Golding hops.
  • Haymaker’s Tipple (3.7%) Great Newsome (E. Yorkshire) – Straw coloured light ale with hints of spice and fruit.
  • Gone Fishing ESB (5.5%) Green Jack (Suffolk) – “Gone Missing” as they call it in our pubs. A strong, deep amber coloured ale, fruity and malty, very drinkable for it’s strength.
  • Brighton Belle (4.6%) Hammerpot (W. Sussex) – Pale amber bitter. Fresh floral hops notes, spicy orange, crisp grapefruit and a hint of caramel.
  • Barbarian Stout (5.5%) Derventio (Derbyshire) – An oatmeal stout – ominiously dark, smooth with a lingering finish of a subtle hop character.
  • Lurcher Stout (4.8%) Green Jack (Suffolk) – Smooth, fruity, chocolaty and rich yet well balanced with hops.
  • Blackhall English Stout (4.0%) Hexhamshire (Northumberland) – An almost opaque black stout, lots of coffee tones, with a dry, roasty finish.
  • No. 1 Premium Stout (4.4%) Kingstone (Wales) – Full bodied dark Stout, filled with the warm aromas of Roasted Barley, and balanced by the character of fine hops.
  • Stoodley Stout (4.8%) Little Valley (Hebden Bridge, W. Yorks.) – Rich black stout containing chocolate malt mixed with oats and wheat. Stoodley Stout has a rich and creamy roasted flavour with aromas of orange, citrus and berry.
  • Jem’s Stout (4.3%) Great Newsome (Hull) – A traditional deep dark stout with tones of roasted malts and liquorice. Produced in honour of our mascot, Jem the Springer Spaniel.

The Speaker is always worth a trip if you’re in the Westminster or Victoria area.

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