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Morrisons Beer Offers – October 2010 Update

Published: Oct 17th, 2010 | Author: The Beeralist

Sorry to relate that once again Morrisons are not exactly spoiling the bottled beer drinkers with many special offers this month.

But our two £1 per bottle favourites are still available – that’s Lees Brewers Dark and Wyre Piddle Piddle in the Hole.

The only new one to report is Bateman’s XXB bitter which is currently priced at £1.25 a bottle. All other beers on the Morrisons shelves are the normal price.

Research done in Woking again this month.

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One Response to “Morrisons Beer Offers – October 2010 Update”

  1. Lord of shamboo says:

    Piddle in the hole has been a staple beer and a firm favourite from morrisons for some time now. A very palatable session ale that’s remained at such a great price for so long. “while stocks last” the card says…I’ve been dreading the day when they run out but this doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon! I’ve been brewing my own ale recently which is also another great reason to enjoy piddle on a regular basis as new empty beer bottles can retail upto 70p. With piddle I pay a few pence more and get the lovely beer as a bonus!! Very sad to see snecklifter go up to ‘full’ price. Still reasonable though. My ratio of 3 piddles and 2 snecks at just under 6 quid for 5 beers is a regular purchase. The fact that they are now in both similar bottles makes my homebrew shelf look tidy too! Ps it’s great to see someone takes such an active interest in the beery goings on of morrisons! I have to say whilst asda is average in general for it’s selection of ales – the one in killingbeck, Leeds has a very big selection of local microbrewery ales at a respectable 3 for £4. Bring of the acorn brewery porter! Mmmm!

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