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Other Winchester Gems

Published: Sep 4th, 2009 | Author: The Beeralist

On my recent pub crawl round Winchester I managed to visit most of my favourite pubs in the city. However it’s just impossible to fit in all the good ones in an evening as they’re so spread out so some of them got missed.

This post mentions the ones that I didn’t get to but that in my view are still worth a visit.

The Fulflood Arms

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

A recent addition to my Winchester favourites, the Fulflood Arms is situated in Cheriton Road on the west side of the station – ie away from the town centre. I believe it’s been refurbished fairly recently and it’s now a friendly, welcoming pub in a residential street.

The Fulflood Arms is a Greene King pub, but like the Green Man on Southgate Street you wouldn’t guess that from the eclectic beer selection. I’ve seen Triple FFF, Itchen Valley, Cheriton and Bateman’s beers here as well as a couple of GK ones. The food’s good too.

There are games in the corner including a bar billiards machine, and I believe they have quizzes mid-week.

Read a more recent pub review of the Fulflood Arms here.

St James Tavern, Winchester

St James Tavern, Winchester

St James Tavern

This Wadworths pub is at the bottom of the Romsey Road – just up from the West Gate. It’s a small cosy pub with a triangular frontage. Despite its size there are two distinct areas inside.

The beers are much as you’d expect for a Wadworths pub and usually seem well-kept.

Read a more recent review of the St James Tavern here.

Bishop On The Bridge

Bishop on the Bridge, Winchester

Bishop on the Bridge, Winchester

The Bishop on the Bridge is a large pub at the eastern end of the High Street – near the King Alfred statue. It used to be an Eldridge Pope pub many years ago, but became a Fuller’s pub about 10 years ago.

I like the interior as it’s light and airy. The vibe is very relaxed although the barstaff are efficient. The beer selection is what you’d expect from a Fuller’s pub including a tasty Gale’s HSB – a personal favourite.

The food menu contains few surprises but the food itself is tasty and good value.

Out the back there is a patio area – attractive because it’s away from the traffic and next to the fast flowing river Itchen. However it was threatening rain on my last visit here so we stayed inside.

Read a more recent review of the Bishop on the Bridge here.

So that’s about it for my write up of Winchester pubs – except to refer you to the previous posts concerning the ones that I visited on my recent evening out:

Also you can see a Google map with all my favorite Winchester pubs. And the Pizza Express is good too…

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  1. […] pubs now regularly carry guest beers from other breweries – most notably in my experience the Fulflood Arms and the Green Man in Winchester which seem to stock hardly any GK beers. Perhaps GK learned from […]

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