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Majestic Beer Boxes

Published: Sep 26th, 2009 | Author: The Beeralist

Majestic Wine Warehouses are normally know for their deals on wine, but it seems increasingly that they are pushing their selection of beer boxes. My local Majestic in Woking now has all of one wall given over to many different boxes of beer whereas just a couple of years ago it was a small display in one corner. Their catalogue however barely mentions beer!

Rows of beer boxes at Majestic

My last trip the other day yielded this photo which shows less than half of the selection. You may recognise some of the boxes – Brakspears, Wychwood, Summer Lightning and the branding of London Pride is well known of course.

When buying beer at Majestic you have to buy at least 12 bottles and boxes can’t be split. But they do carry mixed boxes like this Adnams one with 3 bottles each of 4 types.

Adnams mixed box at Majestic

Also, a seemingly permanent special offer means that if you buy 2 boxes (24 bottles) you get a £6 discount. This means that some beers are way cheaper than in a supermarket, which is good.

I wrote down the following random prices for a box (before the £6 discount):

  • Adnams Mixed – £20.40
  • Wadworth 6X – £18.96
  • Martsons Bitter – £14.40
  • St Peter’s Best Bitter – £18.00
  • Young’s Bitter – £12.40
  • Bath Ales Mixed – £20.40

In the end I chose the Bath Ales mixed box and the Sharp’s mixed box. I’ll post soon on the contents of each.

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