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Holiday Pubs in Devon

Published: Sep 15th, 2009 | Author: The Beeralist

Last month I took a family holiday in Devon which prevented me from attending the Great British Beer Festival. However I wasn’t too disappointed as I visited a couple of good pubs when in the area and another old favourite on the way there.

The Odd Wheel, Wembury

Highlight of the week was the Odd Wheel in Wembury, near Plymouth. The farm where we were staying was just up the road and my nightly pilgrimmage down the road with a takeaway container didn’t take too long – unless of course I stopped for a drink whilst I was there.

The Odd Wheel, Wembury, Devon

The Odd Wheel, Wembury, Devon

The Odd Wheel is going through a period of transition from its previous incarnation as a 70s timewarp, but the new managers are keen to ensure that people have a good time whilst there. They’re also keen to carry on the Odd Wheel’s tradition of selling good quality west country beers. Whilst there I tried the following: Skinners Heligan Honey, Skinners Ginger Tosser, South Hams Devon Pride, Dartmoor Jail and Dartmoor IPA, plus one or two others that I don’t remember. Whilst I was there they also were selling Courage Best (why?), and Sharps Doom Bar made a swift appearance on the quiz night but went very quickly.

There are no handpumps on the bar – all the beers are served straight from the barrel in the cellar.

Certainly I felt like I’d been to a beer festival at the end of the week, but I was able to sip beer overlooking the Atlantic. Superb, and I can’t wait until next summer.

Read a more recent review of the Odd Wheel, Wembury here.

The Mussel Inn, Down Thomas

Also in the Wembury area, the Mussel Inn in is the tiny village of Down Thomas. My wife and I popped out here for an evening meal leaving the girls behind to be minded at the farm.

It’s definitely geared up as a restaurant but they are happy for people to just drink as well. The St Austell Tribute here was very good. The food was not bad either – although slightly let down by the desserts.

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