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Champion Poster on Beer in the Evening

Published: Sep 6th, 2009 | Author: The Beeralist

Now I’m sure many of us use the Beer in the Evening website to check up on pubs before visiting. And I expect that a few of us have contributed reviews now and again as well. “It’s good to give something back” as my friend Jon put it.

Well I feel we should salute ‘Millay’ who must be the champion poster on that site. I stumbled across one of his reviews recently and then when I looked at his profile I discovered that he has made a total of 574 comments on pubs – 178 of them this year alone. The comments are all level-headed – even on the pubs he doesn’t really like.

This is a treasure trove if you’re planning a trip as he seems to have been everywhere – Edinburgh, Brighton, London, Bristol, Croydon, etc. So would you like to read Millay’s reviews on Beer in the Evening?

Mind you, ‘trainman‘ is not far behind with 529.

9 Responses to “Champion Poster on Beer in the Evening”

  1. Mark L says:

    Beer in the evening has holes galore in its pubs listings. I’ve tried to add a newly opened pub in our area that sells real ale via their proscribed on-line method – the result, nothing. I’m not sure what the problem is but my interest in the site has wavered to say the least.

  2. The Beeralist says:

    Mark, I have found exactly the same thing. I have also submitted some pictures of pubs over a year ago and they still haven’t been included.

    Have others found the same thing?

  3. Steve_of_N21 says:

    You may be interested to know that Millay, along with several others of us who used to post pub reviews on B.I.T.E. have moved to PubsGalore..
    This has proven to be a far superior Pub reviewing site than B.I.T.E. with the admin keeping up with the ever increasing pub changes and closures and more importantly deleting non-review troll attacks , which also blights B.I.T.E

  4. The Beeralist says:

    Thanks for that Steve.

  5. Tyson says:

    Yes B.I.T.E was looking very tired. Thanks for the top on Pubs Galore

  6. Steve_of_N21 says:

    No Problem folks..

    Yesterday , one of the other contributors commented on the forums that he posted a new pub and photos in the morning and the pub was loaded up and being displayed by the evening..

    When was the last time that ever happened on B.I.T.E.??

    Late to this one and looks a good site as well. Always like reading about other peoples Real Ale experiences..
    Keep up the good work Beeralist.

  7. dred Scott says:

    I get about a bit in my profession, and recently toured the pubs of Newcastle Emlyn in West Wales. As the majority I visited weren’t listed on B.I.T.E. I uploaded the details of five of them, but as with others there has been no response. I reckon this site serves as little more than a platform for online advertising and I’ll certainly be giving Pubs Galore a visit as suggested by previous contributors.

  8. Clive Waddington says:

    Beer in the evening used to be good while it was the only one of its type, but now there are plenty others its losing out to some good ones. Ive used PubsGalore but have had all my pubs that I have visited added to pubreviews.org overnight.Also they do seem to be keeping listings of closed pubs for reference purposes which is a good thing for me!

  9. Steve (SilkTork) says:

    BITE was the first pub review website I became aware of. When I joined the site you could have a beerintheevening email address which simply diverted emails to your regular email address. There was originally a great buzz about the place, with a focus on pub crawls. It was run by folks who went to pubs, and clearly had a good time, and knew what sort of site we wanted. But then the site was sold, and the new owner was a businessman who was looking for opportunities to make money from the site. He created a forum, which was a great idea, especially as he got involved in the forum himself, but he didn’t respond well to suggestions, and didn’t like criticism when things didn’t go well. He had someone called Fram to verify pub suggestions, but she couldn’t keep up, and made many mistakes. Suggestions to make admins out of the well established regulars so we could verify the pubs was rejected, even though that worked well at RateBeer where I was an admin. Fram suddenly left, and things just got worse, with bad feeling between the owner and the regulars, which is when the core regulars moved off to pubsgalore. I decided to remain as I didn’t want to spend time moving my hundreds of pub reviews. The site was sold again, and the forum vanished. The site is now mostly inactive. Pub listings are inaccurate, there are lots of gaps, and reviews are out of date. The community has gone. I am occasionally asked to go join pubsgalore, especially as I am still in contact with some of the old BITE regulars, and I think about it now and again, but prefer now to have my own pub blogs which is less frustrating, even though I hardly ever write in it!

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